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Hammerglass is half the weight but 300X stronger than glass

Dezinufy is the first South African company to bring Hammerglass, the unbreakable glass to the mining construction environment. Our product is 2 times lighter than normal glass but 300 times stronger, certified and tested according to European standards.

HAMMERGLASS Is Certified According to European Standards

Our glass has been tested and certified according to European standards to be blast resistant in specific applications. The glass can be used on mobile equipment and in buildings or can even be used for noise barriers. With this glass installed on mining equipment no more production time is lost due to damaged windows.


Hammerglass AUTOMOTIVE offers a comprehensive range of unbreakable screens for all types of construction machinery, with the focus on a safer driver environment.

Excavators,draglines,,loaders, dozers and drills are often used in tough working conditions where there is a risk of the glass in the cab splintering.   If the screen is broken while work is in progress, the driver may be injured by glass or flying objects.

Our solutions help to provide enhanced personal protection and a reduced risk of unscheduled stoppages which would entail unnecessary downtime costs. The surface coating also provides 99.96% UV protection.


  • Hammerglass INFRASTRUCTURE comprises permanent unbreakable glazing solutions for the modern built environment. Both the low weight and the hard surface of Hammerglass makes it a popular choice not only for new projects but also for glass replacement.
  • The use of nanotechnology in its manufacture makes it easy to remove graffiti from the surface and also helps to prevent pollutants from exhaust fumes, oil and asphalt from adhering to Hammerglass as easily as they do to ordinary glass. This surface treatment also provides 99.96% UV protection, which means that the material will not cloud, discolour or undergo any other change in optical quality over time. Its estimated service life is more than 40 years


Hammerglass PROPERTY offers a complete range of solutions for new build, re-glazing and add-on glazing with unbreakable glass panels.

Hammerglass provides suitable protection in all environments where there is a risk of glass breakage, burglary or vandalism:

In shops, shopping centres, public areas,.local government property, schools, sports facilities, police stations, offices and industrial premises – but also in private houses and apartments.

Heat Reducing Screens

With Hammerglass IR, heat within the cab is reduced and air conditioning related diesel costs can be reduced substantially.

Safety Screens

Hammerglass offers unbreakable glass solutions as a substitute for standard screens, bullet resistant glass and mesh-reinforced glass.

safety screens
Explosion tested screens

Explosion Tested Screens

12 mm Hammerglass screens withstand the pressure wave generated by 3 kg TNT being exploded at a distance of 3 metres.

Sacrificial Screens & Sacrificial Film

Sacrificial screens protects the thicker Hammerglass-screen in the RABS-frame during hammering operations.

Looking For Unbreakable Glass?

Dezinufy supplies a comprehensive range of Hammerglass AUTOMOTIVE’s unbreakable screens for all manner of construction machinery. Our focus is to provide a safe, comfortable safer driver environment.